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Simply put, Drunk Munk exists to unite passion & pursuit. It’s why we first started & why we continue. Hard to put in words, but we all know the feeling. It's why we love to root for one team and love to hate another. It's the calm before the storm of a fighter making their way to the ring. The streamer finishing up a full-day grind, ready to drop in again. It's what keeps us training in the gym day after day and that invisible pull towards the finish line. It's all the late nights and the early mornings. It's why we do what we do... so we can do what we love. It's passion drives us and our pursuit that keeps us going.

Our first step into a new future is the Legacy Hoodie. Inspired by heroes we grew up idolizing and those characters that made it impossible to put the controller down. An ongoing series of limited drops, we've developed this piece to let you rep your symbol while tackling whatever obstacle stands in your way.