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LEGACY // Where We've Been

LOS ANGELES  (June 14, 2020)  // Friends, followers and Drunk Munk family. Past, present and future. We went dark for most of the year, but we never stopped building. We heard you.

Let's start from the beginning. If you don't know me, I'm Kaleb. Anything you have read, liked, or interacted with from Drunk Munk, was written, spoken, or assembled by me. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Since the beginning, I have been the face behind the brand. Moving forward, I will be the face of the brand.

Back in early 2018, I started Drunk Munk, alongside my brother Micah in a studio apartment back in the Midwest. I had a creative design background, and my brother, experience in sales. We had zero knowledge of how to make clothing, ship orders, negotiate with manufacturers or respond to support requests. We were complete and total novices, learning on the fly. Unenviable trial by fire. The one thing we did have, was passion. Passion for what we were building. We instantly realized that we were not alone in the desire for clothing that aligned with our passions. The only question, was how to get from where we were, to where we wanted to go.

Fun Fact: The name Drunk Munk actually comes from an anime called Megalo Box. The main character boxes at a bar called Drunk Monk. First suggested jokingly. It stuck.

We started the business out of a studio apartment. Following the path of so many before us, we soon transitioned to running the business out of a house and shipping orders out of a garage. We have since relocated to California, but our vision never changed. As we grew, we learned. As obstacles arose, we course corrected. We've gone from manufacturer to manufacturer, supplier to supplier, improving just a little bit more every time. We came to realize, that in reality, the Drunk Munk isn't just a company. It became something else entirely. It is an embodiment of who we all are, what we believe, and what we stand for. Drunk Munk isn't for everyone. It's for us.

The name Drunk Munk may sound lighthearted on the surface, however to us it has become so much more. While common a common association with being drunk is alcohol, we believe intoxication more accurately describes that of obsession. A relentless pursuit of unwavering ambition. On the other side, Munk, while spelled differently, is a little more on the nose. Monk mentality is that of calmness, focus, and perfect balance. Combining these two traits, breeds the ideal mindset present in the warrior monks of old. Obsessive in pursuit. Calmness in chaos. These are the principles at our core. We hold a deeply rooted fundamental belief in daily improvement and evolution. Our motivation has always been to be a beacon of positive pursuit for those that may need it. More eloquently put, to inspire others to be the hero in their own story. Regardless of the pursuit, the joy is not in the reaching the destination, but rather, in the journey itself.

The brand was founded with the simple goal to develop hoodies that would let you be the heroes you always admired. To us, that meant creating as many designs as we possibly could. The novelty of the designs became the primary focus of the product, and the quality and consistency of the product suffered. Many fell in love with our designs, but when it was time for the product to perform, it fell short.

We realized that in attempting to do everything, we were never able to do anything to superhuman the level we aspired. In January of this year, we stopped all orders. we made a commitment to realign our priorities, from many to few, from good to exceptional, from novelty design to superhuman design. We are stripping our brand, our product, and our passions back to the roots. Black and white. Rebuilding our product from the ground up through premium materials and simple design elements. While this is a big departure from our previous product offerings, we believe it is the optimal fusion between our past and our future.

Our mission is to build the Drunk Munk brand up to be one you are proud to represent. One that will stand the test of time through an obsession to be better than the day before. One that we know represents all of us. As much as I tell you about our vision, actions are always better than words. So...

We are officially announcing the launch of our upcoming Legacy Drop. Six designs. Two colors. Premium materials. Attention to detail. Simple design nods to our past. This is our Legacy Hoodie. We want these to be special, unique and exclusive to those that follow us. The Drop will be limited to 200 per design and individually numbered and only be released once. Each drop will feature different styles, symbols, and elements.

To those of you who have been with us from the beginning... Thank You. To our new followers, Welcome. We wouldn't be here without you. Drunk Munk stands for all of us. This is a rebirth. This is an evolution. This is for you.