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The Beginning. This is Our Story.

We each live out our own stories every day. Whether you are thinking about it or not, you are telling a story. At Drunk Munk, we believe everyone should strive to be the Hero in their own story. Let me explain.

Growing up fully enthralled with my Batman action figures. I would imagine myself leaping from the skies of Gotham to stop the bank robbers and save the city. That has always stuck with me. Whether it was proudly wearing my Batman pajamas as a child to fearlessly take on my brother in his Spidey onesie (we had our fair share of battles) or later in life going to the gym with the Superman S on my chest, trying to get over a bad breakup, that subconscious superhero mindset never left me.

For me, the Heroes I grew up watching on Saturday mornings or staying up late reading about in my comic books, have always been the anchor for me. The literal representation of everything good about humanity. During the good times, and the bad times, "What would Batman do?", would always be in the back of my mind.

Having finished university, and in our own careers, after some years of distance, we reconnected and got to talking about all of these memories we had of the heroes that helped shape us. The deeper we dug, the more memories were uncovered through talks with family members and photos in old scrapbooks. Then it dawned on us, that we can't be the only ones who feel this way. Whether it was Comics, Anime, Video Games, or even Ghostbusters, we all have that hero that impacted us deeply in some way and that, subconsciously or not, we strive to emulate. 

Let us embrace those Heroes.
Let us be the Heroes of our own stories.
And thus, Drunk Munk was born.

This is the beginning of a Movement.
Much more to come on this blog.

Will you join us?

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