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    We believe everyday life deserves to be leveled up with extraordinary heroic quality

    Leveling up your Hoodie game begins with the way it's assembled

    The Only Hoodie You'll Wear

    When Drunk Munk was founded in 2017, we began by asking ourselves what would constitute the perfect superhero styled hoodie? Exclusive Designs, High Quality Materials, Durability, and most of all Comfort.

    Through countless hours of research and development, and yes our fair share of mistakes, we believe we have perfected a product that delivers on all accounts. From the bench press at the gym to a high intensity gaming session, Drunk Munk brings you the only Hoodie you'll need.

    Decision Time...

    In order to meet any challenge your day might throw at you we created TWO unique styles to choose from. While both styles were created with comfort and durability in mind, each has their own strength.

    Bottom line, if you want total comfort, breathability, and water resistant properties, the Hybrid is for you. If your daily battles take you out into the elements and you need thicker 100% waterproof gear while still being ultra comfortable inside, grab yourself a Stormshell.

    HYBRID. Forged for Comfort.

    We created our Hybrid using our own proprietary Lyrca-Polyester Blend, allowing for the ideal fusion of superior comfort, elastic flexibility & extreme breathability. The material exterior is completely water resistant with liquid dropping off like bullets to Superman, while the 320gsm brushed micro-fleece interior makes you feel as if you're being swaddled in a blanket of butter. Whether on a twitch stream in a uber competitive match or just kicking back to relax and binge some Netflix, the Hybrid Hero Hoodie always has your back.

    STORMSHELL. Built to Endure.

    Where the Hybrid is optimized for unparalleled comfort, our Stormshell thrives in battling the elements. In order to meet one of the most commonly requested upgrades, we combined a durable Polyester soft shell exterior with our favorite 320gsm brushed micro-fleece interior. Frankly, we weren't quite prepared for this level of awesome to be created. Enhanced with 100% Rainproof interior lining, the Stormshell is built withstand the the abuse that next rainy Boss Battle throws at you.