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(Nov. 12, 2020) - Alright, its time. Let's hash this out. We recently announced the retirement of our Hero Hoodie line and the launch of our new Legacy Hoodie. It was met with a healthy dose of skepticism, frustration, and disappointment; which gave me a feeling that I can only describe as a swift kick to the cajones. While we expected that reaction, it doesn't mean that it hurt any less. It became immediately clear that we didn't do enough to properly transition from Hero to Legacy. That's on me. We are, after all, still learning. Therefore, this is my attempt to share my thoughts on our recent design shift by breaking down - where we WERE, where we ARE, and where we're GOING.


WERE - Since the start of 2018, we have created over 250 different Hero Hoodie designs. That’s a lot. Being the sole designer, at some point you reach the dreaded stage of burn out. I was there. I realized that I had lost the passion for creating the very designs we had become known for. That was a problem, and one that would not be easy to solve. Not only had I lost that creative spark, but we continued to have quality and consistency issues that plagued us from the start. Drunk Munk had reached a crossroads. In February, I made the decision to take the brand offline in order for the team to step back, take a breath, and chart our path forward.

It was clear to me that we had started something special. Fans from all over loved what we were putting out and I did no't want to throw in the towel. The end goal has always to build a brand that we and our superfans can be proud of. It was apparent that for the last two years we had been prioritizing the design, over the product. Quantity over quality. The product would catch your eye, but the quality and durability of the product had trouble meeting expectations.

At the same time, while our Hero Hoodie designs were wildly popular, the Drunk Munk brand remained in the shadow. We’ve always been ones to toe the line. To take risks and live in that gray area. However, if we wanted to be taken seriously in discussions with potential partners & collaborators, that needed to change. We had to adapt. We needed to position the brand rooted in quality, not quantity.

There were two pieces of feedback that we continued to receive over the years. They were: we want pullover hoodies & less "in your face" designs. We believed that was something we could work with, so we rolled up our sleeves and went back to the drawing board. Over the last year, we entered into new partnerships that have allowed us to develop a brand new product, our Legacy Hoodie. 


ARE – That brings us to where we are now. The Legacy Hoodie is the foundation upon which we will build our castle. We have spent the last year mocking, designing, and crafting a product we are exceptionally proud of. Yes, it is a dramatic change from our Hero Hoodie. Much more toned down, it is bold yet minimalistic. Our goal was to develop a high quality hoodie that didn't sacrifice comfort for performance. One that would look good, feel good, and would last. Whether gaming, going out, or going for a run. More than anything, it needed to blend the hero fandom of our past with our vision for the future.

Above all, it needed to be built with only the highest quality standards. Anything less, wouldn't be good enough. We have elevated the level of quality for every aspect of our Legacy Hoodie. When you buy a Drunk Munk product, this is the level of care and attention to detail that you can expect. This is what you deserve. This will get us in the door. This will get us to the table. This will enable us to make the necessary partnerships and collaborations to continue to grow.


GOING – You have now seen the first Legacy Hoodie drop, CHIEF. This design is an ode to Master Chief and the Reclaimer saga from the Halo series. Many late night LAN parties at friend’s houses has stuck with us and this was a tribute for us to make it our first Legacy release. While it may be the first, it is only the beginning.

All this to say, the Legacy Hoodie is our first step forward. It’s where we are placing our chips and going all in. It may not be for everyone, but it’s for us. It’s to allow to stay in the game and continue to fight. At the end of the day, it is our passion that drives us. We want to be proud of brand we are building the product we are crafting. I believe we are on the right path to do just that.

This is about building our Legacy.