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If you are looking for an ordinary cotton hoodie... turn around, this is not for you.

The HERO HOODIE is not JUST any hoodie and is NOT meant for everyone. Does your favorite superhero throw on everyday clothes to battle their super villain? No. They invest in a super suit that matches their abilities. If this is you... look no further, you have found your super suit. Congratulations Hero.


THE HYBRID | Forged for Comfort.

We created our THE HYBRID using our own proprietary enhanced Lyrca-Polyester Blend, allowing for the ideal compromise for superior comfort, elastic flexibility & extreme breathability. The material exterior is completely water resistant with liquid dropping off like bullets to Superman, while the 320gsm brushed micro-fleece interior makes you feel as if you're being swaddled in a blanket of butter. Whether on a twitch stream in a ultra competitive match or just kicking back to relax and binge some Netflix, THE HYBRID always has your back.

Material Breakdown: (85% Polyester / 15% Lyrca)

THE STORMSHELL | Born to Explore.

Where The Hybrid sacrifices in sheer toughness, THE STORMSHELL thrives. In order to meet one of the most commonly requested upgrades, we combined a rugged Polyester soft shell exterior with our favorite 320gsm brushed micro-fleece interior. Frankly, we are weren't quite prepared for this level of awesome to be created. Enhanced with 100% waterproof interior lining, THE STORMSHELL is built withstand the the abuse that next rainy Boss Battle throws at you. Couple that with the fact that both HYBRID & STORMSHELL feature durable YKK Zippers, USA-based sizing, and Eco-Friendly Reusable Product Packaging, the only question left to answer is... which Hero are you going to become?

Material Breakdown: (100% Polyester)